Polestar 1 – The Making of High Tech Sports Coupe from Volvo

The Volvo Polestar 1 is the all electric sports car scheduled for production from 2019 in China. The car is powered by the 600 HP hybrid engine, Lithium ION battery and couple of electric motors. The manufacturers have reportedly stated about the monthly subscription offer for the customers after 2020 instead of the onetime sale. The 4 seat car with twin doors is stated to have a range of 150+ Kilometres on electric power. The performance parameter seems to be enhanced with the addition of 1000 NM torque to the system.

Polestar 1 white

Polestar 1 Volvo Stated Specifications

  • Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension: – According to the company sources the Polestar 1 Volvo is stated to be the first car to be fitted with Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension system. Primarily this is used for shock absorbing operation within the car. The earlier technology used hydraulic systems for this, while the latest version works on the electromagnetic motors that get attached to the top strut. The system can automatically adjust the driving height and prevent the vibrations and shocks from moving up the cars’ body. The sensors within the wheel can automatically damp all the shocks in an efficient manner.
  • Improved Torsion: – The manufactures have stated an enhancement in the torsion bar suspension by 45% in the Polestar 1. This design is expected to reduce the metal fatigue rate in the car by considerable extent. Since the Bulkhead gets mounted with the bars, the front suspension is expected to be free resulting in the stronger architecture of the Polestar 1.
  • Carbon-Fiber Body: – The body of the polestar 1 Volvo is stated to be made of carbon fiber. The lightweight and superior strength material is generally used in high speed cars with highly reduced resistance to forward motion. This feature is expected to enhance the sporting nature of the car significantly.
  • Improved Rear Axle: -The rear axle of the car determines the acceleration and road grip while driving. With the mounted twin electric motors at the rear, the polestar 1 is expected to optimize the kinematics of automobile control on all types of terrains and road conditions. This is expected to prolong the life and durability of the vehicle on the tough Asian road and climatic conditions. Applying the same technology to the improved road conditions may also help conserve the energy consumption and carry additional loads.

Polestar 1

  • Lowered Center of Gravity: – The main benefit of lowered center of gravity is stated to be the gain in performance levels. The system creates an optimized wing drag at the bottom layer. The risk of roll over is also stated to be considerably lowered in the Polestar 1 Volvo. The driver and the passengers’ comfort level are stated to be higher once the center of gravity of the Polestar 1 Volvo is set at relatively lower levels.
  • Enhanced Braking System: – The multiple braking calipers in polestar 1 are stated to enhance the pressure zones within the braking pads. This can create additional friction when the pads come into contact with the disk, making the brakes more efficient and safer.